A Deeper Look Into The Feminism Club

Feminism is a word that is commonly heard, but is often misunderstood. Feminism stands for equality and to not be labeled or compared to a different gender. There are stereotypes about feminists that are used against them, that a feminist generally hates men. This is not true, their belief is that women are just as capable of doing what men can do and should be treated as equals.

This is the fourth year of the Feminism Club at Malden High. It is advised by Ms. Veritas. The Feminism Club started by a student who had very strong opinions about feminism. Ms. Veritas says “[she] was known for [her] feminist leanings.” Ms. Veritas looks forward to the meetings every week to learn how students with such empowerment share their thoughts on the many difficulties women have to deal with in today’s world.

One of the biggest things they talk about in the Feminism Club is how sexism affects their daily lives today and how it leaves such an impact within their lives. 

One of the projects they are working on in Feminism Club is sexual harassment prevention and about asking consent. Veritas is also planning, with the help of Thomas Snarsky, to try to bring in some feminist professors and people that work in the field dealing with different women's issues that may be going on around the world. Veritas states that “there are a lot of people in this school that are against feminism, they have been taught that feminism means something that is against them and against males.” Many people in this world today have a different perspective and definition of what feminism means and the word itself can be misunderstood.

Being a feminist or just a woman in general can still be difficult today. There are many battles to have to deal with and face in life. Veritas says she faced sexism many times in her life “when growing up [she] needed to tear down [her] strong personality because [she] was either too loud or too opinionated.” As a women speaking out or voicing opinions can be difficult because everyone assumes that it is either too much and that women are not supposed to speak up because of their gender.

Krishany Marius

Krishany Marius is an outgoing fourteen year-old who is not afraid to speak her mind. She was born on June 30th, 2005 which makes her a Cancer. She is into zodiac signs and looks deeply into them. She loves dancing, reading and watching television—such as How to Get Away with Murder. Marius is Haitian and Ugandan. She is the youngest of two. She has an older brother and a half sister. She loves writing and creating stories of her own. Marius uses writing as an outlet and is ready to do so in journalism. Her goal in life is to go to college and become an independent woman.

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