Bugs: A Closer Look Exhibit

Bugs.  Disgusting, weird creatures with legs that seemingly sprout from nowhere that creep at the edge of your room.  Bugs are no doubt disgusting, right? Well, not really.

The MATV gallery lined with pictures. Photo taken by Brandon Wong.

“[It is] hard to appreciate something you [cannot] see,” said photographer Liz Tompkins, in an interview with MATV.  

Tompkins work on macrophotography of insects is being displayed at an exhibit at the MATV Gallery until November 30th.  The exhibit is set up so that each picture is accompanied by small facts about the species of the insect that is photographed.  

The Bugs: A Closer Look exhibit is in the MATV Gallery, at 145 Pleasant St. Hours are 10am - 9pm on Monday through Thursday, and 10am - 2pm on Friday and Thursday.  

Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong is a sophomore at Malden High School, and a reporter for the Blue and Gold. He joined as a freshmen and after being influenced by former reporter Abhishek Rana to cover a soccer event, his interest in photos increased. He has taken many more photos for galleries for the Blue and Gold since then. Other than that, Wong loves the show The Good Place, as well as playing the card game Vanguard. Wong is excited for his history class this year and is looking forward to his sophomore year in the Blue and Gold.

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