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Junior Brendon Santos, was chosen as an all-star for Malden High’s Boys  Soccer team. He said that “[his] friend John won the all-star this year for the boys varsity team. [Santos] was the striker and [John] was the goalie.” Santos continued to say that he believes he got chosen because “[He] did not give up on [his] team.” He fought hard and gave it his all, putting up goals for his team which he says “was not an easy task, and [Santos] was there to take that challenge. There were many things that were challenging for him in general. He added on by saying how “there would be games where [Santos] didn’t do enough and [he] would get mad, and [his] team and [him] did not get what [they] wanted.” However they kept at it and kept fighting until the end of the game. Santos said that “[he] is honored receiving this award, [he] definitely was not expecting an award, but [his] hard work paid off just right for [him] to earn [his] place on the team.” Santos also wanted to “thank [his] team for leading [him] to [his] goals.” He concluded with a strong message about his team and he continued by saying “[they] are family, [they] are brothers” and Santos hopes that he will continue to play with them and he promises “not to let [his] team down.”

Junior Brendon Santos trying to outmaneuver East Boston. Photo by Brandon Wong.

John Nunes a senior, played striker in past years for Malden High School but moved to Goalie this year knowing that he can perform at a high level at Goalie. Moving back to an away game loss against Somerville, Nunes had over 20 saves just in the first half. He had a very impressive season and always made sure his impact was known. When asked how Nunes’ season went, Jeremiah Smith, the coach of the Boys Soccer team responded “The record had a major impact once he got injured” Nunes was “pretty much the key to our season and it was very bad when he went down with an injury.” In the GBL the number of all-stars chosen is dependent on the position in the league, “our finish in the season didn’t allow us to have more all-stars.” After coming back from his injury Nunes continued his impressive start, Smith added: “I think he was the best in the league in his position.”

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