Cheerleading Team Fall All-Stars

The fall cheerleading team had a tremendously successful season this school year, placing third at North Regions and becoming Division One State Finalists. Additionally, the team was recognized by the MSAA for academic excellence, with a team cumulative GPA of 3.63.

With all their great achievements this year, the cheerleading team had three athletes be named All-Stars, these being junior Makayla Preston, senior Ashley Stelmach, and freshman Sofia Marey Sequel.

Senior Ashley Stelmach performing a low V. Photo taken by Brandon Wong.

According to Coach Melanie Philbrook, all three All-Stars were chosen by all of the GBL cheerleading coaches and Athletics Directors during a meeting at the end of the season. What made these three athletes stand out, Philbrook says, is how they “show excellent sportsmanship on the field and at competitions” as well as “take pride” in representing Malden High School. 

Preston, who has cheered for seven years and was named captain during this year’s season, shares how she was “very happy” to have received the award as it was “an honor.” 

Preston joined the cheering team to make friends after she had moved to Malden. Preston loves the feeling of “hitting the routine full out after all the hard work during practices.” What was most rewarding about being named a fall All-Star was knowing that “all [her] hard work is paying off.”  Preston, who has “worked hard to have a great season” and improved herself overall, additionally proved extremely valuable as a leader, having the right attitude to motivate the team and encourage them to strive for success.

She expresses her gratitude to all of her coaches, each who helped her grow into the cheerleader she is today and those who prepared her to be able to accept the award and be able to represent an All-Star proudly.

Junior Makayla Preston performing a cheer. Photo taken by Brandon Wong.

Philbrook mentions that her team is not only “true champions on the mat” but are also champions in the classroom and around the community. Philbrook believes that Preseton, Stelamch, and Sequel deserve this award as they exemplify what a “true students athlete” should look like.  

Courtney Fitzgerald

Courtney Fitzgerald is a sophomore at Malden High School. She joined the Blue and Gold because she was inspired by a creative writing assignment from seventh grade, and when it was mentioned to her in eighth grade that she could enroll once she entered Freshman year, it led her to want to join. Fitzgerald also enjoys photography, which is utilized in the class as well. This year, she hopes to improve on her interviewing and layout skills. Besides her joy for writing, she also enjoys dancing. She has gone to the same dance studio at Cheryl A. Sullivan School of Dance for eleven years. Some types of dances Fitzgerald enjoys are ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and pointe. Fitzgerald enjoys almost every genre of music, but her favorite genre is pop, and her favorite band is “Why Don’t We.”

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