Junior Kaitlyn Mini has been one of the two girls named as an All-Star player for girls soccer. Honored to have received this title, she explains, “ever since [she] was little [her] dream was to make varsity for the high school team, and [she is] so honored to not only have made varsity but also to have been named an All-Star. Being on [the] team has impacted my entire high school career.” This season, Mini has also been one of the teams’ strongest midfielders, and scored multiple goals as a returning player for the team. When asked who she would thank for getting her to where she is now, Mini said that “[she has] loved learning and growing alongside all of [her] teammates and [she] owes so much to them.” She also showed appreciation for her coach as she stated that “[she wants] to say thank you to Coach Rick for putting [her] on the team early on and helping [her] develop into the player [she is] today, and for seeing [her] potential even when [Mini did not] see it [herself].”

Girls Soccer Fall All-Star Kaitlyn Mini. Photo from Blue and Gold Archives.

Senior Rocio Mejia has also been named an All-Star player. This season, she stuck out to Coach Rick as a strong, hardworking defender. 

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