Football Fall All-Star

Malden High’s two fall all-stars for football were seniors Jerry Mervil and Jamari Youman. Coach Stephen Freker stated that Mervil and Youman were “[their] two top players” and that it was great to see them rewarded for their great season. Mervin and Youman were both transfer students to Malden High School. In the fall of 2018, Mervil transferred to Malden High from Malden Catholic. Youman arrived over the summer to Malden from Florida. This was Mervil’s second all-league recognition in his two years on the team.  Last year, he was named the First Team All-Conference in the Northeast Conference. Freker believes that both Mervil and Youman were very deserving of this award stating that each game “they helped give [the team] a chance to win with their ability and performances.” Youman was fourth in the state with 15 touchdowns and 95 total points scored. He had ten touchdown pass receptions which was third statewide. Mervil was one of the top players in the GBL with great talent on both offense and defense. Both Mervil and Youman battled injuries during the season, yet both persevered  and saved their best talents for the end of the season. Freker stated that Mervil and Youman “are excellent school citizens and care about their teammate.” The coaches are happy that they were able to finish the season with two wins and that these two players, Mervil and Youman, played their best games on Thanksgiving.

The Football Team on their Senior Night. Photo from the Malden High Sports page on Instagram.

Courtney Fitzgerald

Courtney Fitzgerald is a sophomore at Malden High School. She joined the Blue and Gold because she was inspired by a creative writing assignment from seventh grade, and when it was mentioned to her in eighth grade that she could enroll once she entered Freshman year, it led her to want to join. Fitzgerald also enjoys photography, which is utilized in the class as well. This year, she hopes to improve on her interviewing and layout skills. Besides her joy for writing, she also enjoys dancing. She has gone to the same dance studio at Cheryl A. Sullivan School of Dance for eleven years. Some types of dances Fitzgerald enjoys are ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and pointe. Fitzgerald enjoys almost every genre of music, but her favorite genre is pop, and her favorite band is “Why Don’t We.”

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