Trafton Park Receives PARC Grant

Trafton Park recently received a grant for $400,000 to work on Trafton Park. Trafton Park is located at the intersection of Granite St. and Jacob St. in Malden, Massachusetts. David Camell, who is a part of the Malden City Council, explained that the project “received $625,000. $400,000 [came] from the state in the form of a PARC grant. $225,000 which is the city’s ‘match’ which comes from [their] own Malden CPA funds” to set up the funds.

Trafton park. Photo taken by Christopher McIntyre.

The Malden council held public meetings starting in the spring of 2018 “[to get] the neighborhood’s input on what they would like to see.” According to Camell, “the council then developed a ‘master plan’ with the help of Landscape Architect Shadely and Associates” then proceeded to accomplish “phase one to accomplish the first round of grants.”

What will this do for Trafton Park? Well considering “any town with a population of 35,000 or more has an authorized park, they’re granted with recreation commission” and under this recreation commission, “the park is eligible for the improvement of existing parks” which of course, would not have happened without the help of the PARC (Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Grant Program) who are “able to assist cities and towns in acquiring and developing land.”

Christopher McIntyre

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