Malden High’s Psychology Club

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It includes many things, such as human development, social behavior, and health. 

Psychology Club is a club at Malden High School run by five officers: Editor-in-Chief of the Blue and Gold Ana Pirosca, Rasmee Ky, Derick Phan, Sarah Schneider, and Reem Bouachra. The advisor of the club is Ann Pember. 

Not only does Psychology Club teach new concepts regarding psychology, but it also provides a place for people to talk about how they feel. Rasmee Ky wishes that more people joined this club. She believes that the club is like a “support group.” Ky states that some meetings are more calming than others, where they play music and talk about how their life is going. On other days, they will plan lessons, Kahoot games, experiments or other activities that revolve around specific aspects of psychology.

To Ann Pember, an AP Psychology and Modern World History teacher, Psychology Club will bring an understanding of psychology to every student. It will help begin to fully understand how students’ minds work and develop, how emotions work, and more. Pember believes Psychology Club helps people “have empathy for others.” 

Pember has always thought that how other people think and make decisions was very interesting. She enjoys learning about what makes people behave in certain situations. Pember wishes that students knew this club is open for anybody to join. She describes it as “very relevant” to every student attending Malden High. 

Reem Bouachra, a sophomore at Malden High, joined this club in the spring of her freshman year. She enjoys learning about how our mind works and the kind atmosphere during each meeting. She also likes that she has a say in what topic they cover each meeting. She claims that “it might not seem like you want to learn about psychology, but it is a fun and chill club to join.”

Psychology club takes place every other Wednesday right after school for about 30-45 minutes. 


Noelle Hayes

Noelle Hayes is 14 years old, born on December 27th, 2004 in Boston, MA. She is Puerto Rican and Irish. In her free time she likes to watch sports like baseball, football, and hockey. Hayes also plays softball. She has a dog that she loves to play with during her free time as well. She is the youngest of two older sisters and owns a dog and two guinea pigs. She has six piercings, two on her left and four on her right ear. Hayes would describe herself as happy, goofy and energetic. Her goal is to be a professional athlete, have her own family and be successful.

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