New Staff Profile: Vita Chiarenza

Malden High School welcomed new adjustment counselor Vita Chiarenza as a part of the staff for Brunelli House. 

Chiarenza has just started at Malden High School in August. Chiarenza is still getting acclimated here at Malden High but Chiarenza proctors the SAT’s and ACT’s at Malden High. Chiarenza is looking to get involved with organizations and activities around Malden.

She loves “to spend time outside being active and healthy. Nutrition is a very important thing to [her].'' Chiarenza loves anything involved with nature like hiking and going to the beach explaining that “just being outdoors is one of my favorite things to do.”

For undergraduate, Chiarenza went to Simmons University and for graduate, she went to Salem State studying in psychology and social work having worked “in a couple of alternative schools for the past six years,” but explained that she was a psychologist beforehand. 

With her experience, Chiarenza is ready, and welcome to Malden High.

Brendan Bell

Brendan Bell is a junior who is returning for his second year in the Blue and Gold. Bell decided to join the class because he enjoys writing, politics, and voicing his opinion. He also enjoys local news stories specifically focused on Malden Overcoming Addiction, due to his close relation to it. Bell also likes playing a variety of sports such as golf and lacrosse. On his free time, he plays video games or goes to Mount Hood to practice golf. Bell also plans on returning to the Blue and Gold again his senior year.

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