The Girls MHS Hockey Season Ends with High Expectations for Next Year

As winter comes to an end, so does the Girls Hockey Season.  The record for the year was 4-8-1, which is 4 wins, 8 loses, and 1 tie.  Although they had a lot of losses they went down with a fight and overall had a pretty good season.

Junior Sarah Whitehouse, says this season was a “mix” of what she had and hadn’t hoped for.  Whitehouse mentions that the team had many points throughout the season where they “functioned very well as a team.”  She also mentioned how they had gone out together outside of practices and really bonded with each other. Whitehouse added how she thought there could have been more “energy” on and off the ice.  An important component in any sport is team bonding outside of practice and games, and for Whitehouse this was the highlight of the season. Whitehouse felt it was nice for the team to “come together as one” outside of the rink.

She added how if the team had more “chemistry” she believes they could have performed better.  Whitehouse believes that “everything happens for a reason,” and she would not have changed anything about how this season went, but for future seasons she hopes the team can “connect fully.”

Senior Co-Captain Bethan Taddeo, says this season, being her last season, “wasn’t exactly what [she] hoped it would be.”  Taddeo thought the season was going to be a good one when it started but about half way through she was thrown some curveballs.  Adding on to what Whitehouse previously mentioned, Taddeo says that the first half of the season had a lot of chemistry between the team, but towards the end there had been “a break in the chain.” Taddeo adds that in the seasons to come once she is gone, she hopes the team “finds a way to get along.”

Although this hockey season had its ups and down the girls still had a positive outlook on everything that happened. The team is looking forward to future years and hopes to have better seasons than this year. Each year there is room for improvements and the team is looking forward to seeing those improvements pay off next season.

Courtney Fitzgerald

Courtney Fitzgerald is a sophomore at Malden High School. She joined the Blue and Gold because she was inspired by a creative writing assignment from seventh grade, and when it was mentioned to her in eighth grade that she could enroll once she entered Freshman year, it led her to want to join. Fitzgerald also enjoys photography, which is utilized in the class as well. This year, she hopes to improve on her interviewing and layout skills. Besides her joy for writing, she also enjoys dancing. She has gone to the same dance studio at Cheryl A. Sullivan School of Dance for eleven years. Some types of dances Fitzgerald enjoys are ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and pointe. Fitzgerald enjoys almost every genre of music, but her favorite genre is pop, and her favorite band is “Why Don’t We.”

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