Senior Internship Opportunities

Senior Internships are right around the corner and the time of year when seniors get the most excited and nervous about what they want to do after high school.

Senior internships are opportunities for students to learn more about future professions that could be possible careers they would like to pursue. Students are able to leave when there are five weeks remaining in the school year and go to their desired internship location. Students will have to work 30 hours per week to get the number of hours needed. When the seniors that did the internship come back, they will show what they have learned during an exhibit and present to the other students. This program has been running for a little over 10 years, in which Guidance Counselor, Taryn Belowsky, has been one of the helpers for an internship.

Belowsky is one of the teachers that help students with some of their internship opportunities. Belowsky explained internship is all about “A five-week opportunity where seniors check out of school and start to work and learn from a professional either studying in college or work in a professional environment.” Some of the benefits of internship that Belowsky mentioned is “that seniors are comfortable and will take them out of their comfort and it will help them to see what they want to be in the future.”

An example would be to major in nursing, they can shadow a nurse and see if they actually want to do it. This shows graduating seniors if they enjoy the profession they want to pursue and “study or major in college and save a lot of money/time.”

Belowsky mentioned some of the things that need to happen when signing up for an internship. The proposal is due in a few weeks, so students must apply in a timely manner. 

  • 1st step is to find a location
  • 2nd is to sign a contract and get a senior helper
  • 3rd is a parent signature to be passing. Students need to be passing all of the classes in quarter three. The site should be supervised.
  • 4th is to write an essay explaining what they will be doing and answering questions. 
  • If they have an AP or performing arts class, they would have to work fewer hours and have to come back.

The website with all of the information and the requirements to leave for internship is on x2 or click the link here.

Anna Silva

Anna Silva is a senior who is returning for her second year in the Blue and Gold. Silva likes being a part of the Blue and Gold because she gets to “express [her] opinions.” She enjoys writing about both sports and local news. Silva, in particular, finds the track team a very “interesting” topic to write about. During her free time, Silva listens to music (of which she doesn’t have any preference to), and watches tv shows like Chicago PD and CSI.

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