More Information on the MATV Movie Club

On Tuesdays from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m., a group of teenagers who are a part of the Movie Club come from Malden High School to meet at MATV, also known as the Media Impact Team, located at 145 Pleasant St. in Malden to work on podcasting, designing, editing and brainstorming. 

MATV provides equipment and media for the club. These students also work on creating videos and plays. MATV will soon be changed to UMA (Urban Media Arts). 

Nigel Marcellus was hired as a club advisor through a grant. Hailey Hao, director of Media Arts Education worked with Sammy Lee, a graduate to create this club in the Fall of 2018, and after he graduated the club continued. After many more students from the club graduated there have not been as many people but there are still around five students on Tuesdays who still come and participate. 

Jori Bukhari, a member of the club and a senior, finds this club and making videos “very fun” and really “likes the attention.” The activities they learn how to do help her “develop more confidence.” 

Syden Marc, another senior part of the club, really enjoys “making [her] own videos” and working with other people. 

Avion Manong, a member who has already graduated from Malden High School “loves meeting new people” and enjoys the “diverse panels” of the club. Being a part of this club has really boosted her confidence while in front of the camera. She loves this club because in a way it “helps [her] career and future.”

As a team, they learn about different camera angles and ways of adjusting the camera to take good photos and videos. They design logos and work on graphic design.  A big part of this club is being able to communicate well with the people. They are looking for new members to join and be a part of something fun and special.

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