Fun Activities to do During COVID-19

Covid-19 has caused schools to close, people to be trapped in their houses for the most part, and stores and restaurants to go under strict rules and regulations. During this time it is easy to become bored and just itching to go outside and hang out with friends but we can’t. Although there are many ways to keep yourself occupied as well as staying connected with your family, keeping up with exercise and routined hobbies virtually, and keeping yourself distracted with different projects and activities.  

In quarantine it’s very easy to lose sight of your daily routines like working out or eating healthy. There are many ways we can still stay in touch with those routines. Kiana Tse, a student of Malden High School watches workout videos on YouTube while other students like Leilah St. Fort and Christel Jean-Baptiste walk around their neighborhood, wearing masks. 

This quarantine also requires social distancing which keeps families more disconnected. With the help of Zoom you can video chat family members whenever you want. The free app also has dance teachers and workout instructors to keep up your stability. Using phones you can FaceTime and text family members as well since not all phones are compatible enough to FaceTime. That is why Zoom is a more reliable resource when it comes to video chatting. 

Around the house it seems like there is not much to do for fun. Christel Jean-Baptiste and Leilah St. Fort resort to keeping up with all the latest Netflix films and social media trends. If you are not an electronic person there are still many other ways to have fun around the house. My sister and I started a big puzzle two months ago and still have not finished it. Kiana Tse has found enjoyment in singing and drawing. 

Another way to keep yourself busy and helping everyone through quarantine is making masks. We can all admit the N95 Respirator Masks and the Surgical Masks are not the comfiest. Many people around Malden have been making masks that are more comfortable for everyone, with soft and non itchy materials. There are also many ways to make the masks which you can find on YouTube. 

There is a lot going on in the world, we have to find the fun little things in life to keep us all sane. Please stay safe and keep on pushing through!

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