By Mayor Gary Christenson

A Nor’easter? Salt, plow and we’re typically back up in a few days. Budget shortfalls? Leave vacant positions unfilled and we can usually balance. COVID-19? No playbook for this one.

Mayor Christenson enjoys the show alongside the JVs art co-ordinators. Photo from Blue and Gold archives.

I can still remember like it was yesterday when I found out that the Coronavirus was spreading. Not having a plan to turn to we went with pure instincts which was to make sure our students were safe. That is why the first decision we made was to call off school until we knew just what we were dealing with and the state later followed suit.

But despite the sadness of the past several weeks there has been much to be thankful for as many from within our community have come together to help those in need. From students making masks for first responders and deliveries to residents who can’t get out to businesses like Pisa Pizza feeding our frontline workers and Encore Boston Harbor helping the Bread of Life with donations of soap and shampoo to the grassroots organization called Malden Neighbors Helping Neighbors who have called many of our senior citizens to check in on them, the spirit and resiliency of our city has never been stronger.

I believe this spirit is what has ultimately helped get us through these unsettling times and without a doubt will carry us forward into the future.

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