Art Gallery: Visions, Views, and Vistas

Malden is a city of artists; many well-known artists have been raised or started their career here in Malden. One you may not have known grew up here is Charles Moulton, the original creator of Wonder Woman.

This was exactly what the new gallery opening here in Malden is displaying. Sponsored by Coffee Shop Artists, a small community of artists in the Boston area, the “Visions, Views, and Vistas” gallery was open for all interested in the work of creators here in Malden.

Visions are the things we wish to see in the future. Views are the things we see every day. Vistas are what we see ahead of us. The idea is that each of the pieces—whether photography, collage, or paint—represents the artist’s interpretation of the theme. The gallery  ran from March 6th to 27th, with gallery hours Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm.

There were many different photographers and painters who viewed the theme in very creative ways. 

One that I found particularly interesting was the “Wired” trilogy watercolor by Linda T. Hurd. In “Wired #1”, the caption read, “I don’t have to understand how people are wired in order to respect them.” The watercolors featured silhouettes of wired telephone poles in front of colorful, cloudy skies. They were $20 unframed each.

Using acrylics and resin, Louise Musto-Choate created “Chasing Clouds”, a star-filled sky painting with an aurora, and “Falling Water”, a marble-inspired blue painting with flecks of gold detail for a baroque effect.

The pictures were very unique and different from the rest. There isn’t a single painting in the gallery that is similar to another. It was a very cool experience for me and I will be sure to check in to other galleries in Malden soon!

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