How Other Schools Honored Their Seniors

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused many events to be cancelled. All around the world senior students have had the worst of this pandemic. They missed out on having normal proms and graduations. While some schools are having Zoom proms and graduations around the world, schools in Malden have come up with other ideas to obey the safety instructions and give special gifts to the 2020 seniors. 

Malden Catholic High School has many surprises for their senior student including a surprise to honor them. The school will turn their stadium light on from 8:20pm to 8:40pm. They will continue this honor until June 20, 2020. The Gingerbread Construction Company has also helped Malden Catholic give a special gift on the week of May 25 to all the seniors’ households. Malden Catholic also honors the athletes of the senior class by giving them a live honor on the Brother Gilbert Stadium. 

As an award ceremony, Malden Catholic decided to go virtually and decorate their gym. This decision was voted on by the seniors themselves. The ceremony will include awards and gifts for parents as well. For more information about other events for the Malden Catholic seniors click the link at the bottom. 

Everett High School has celebrated their seniors by hosting a parade with cars going from house to house and cheering them on, much like how Malden High School did. People, businesses, and other donors gave money to the school to ensure that every senior got a gift to celebrate their last year of high school. Many people donated and the school ended up with the results being even more successful than anticipated.

The school also uploaded virtual tributes to honor the extra curricular activities, languages, and the arts. To see the visual memories made from the Senior Salute Parade and Celebrate a Senior, along with the virtual tributes click the link at the bottom and check out the smiles. 


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