Top 10 Childhood Shows to Re-watch in Quarantine

Reporter Julie Yu also contributed to the writing. 

While in quarantine, we have found that we are easily bored and rely on streaming platforms such Disney Plus, Netflix, and more, reminiscing on our past watching the shows that we grew up on. Here are our top 10 childhood shows we recommend re-watching to cure your boredom in quarantine. 

  1. iCarly: 

Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, and Freddie Benson were three friends that went to school together. Shay, the protagonist, lived with her 26 year old brother, Spencer, where she lived her life as an average teenager. That was until she and her friends decided to host a web show, with Puckett as her co-host, and Benson as their filmer/videographer. 

Throughout the show, the audience gets to watch the three, on their journey, as their web show gained popularity. 

iCarly can be streamed on the platform Prime Video

  1. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Based in Paris, France, Marinette is an average quirky teenager who goes to school with all her friends. New guy, Adrien Agreste, goes to school for the first time and meets new people as he tries to fit in. Adrien's dad is protective of him and never lets him do anything. When they meet, Marinette quickly gains a crush on Adrien and their relationship quickly becomes complicated. They both are secretly Parris’ protectors, the infamous superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir.

They use their powers and work together to defeat the villain, Hawk Moth. To keep their miraculous’, the heirloom that transforms them, they must keep their identities hidden from each other.

Miraculous can be streamed on Netflix.

  1. Gravity Falls:

Twins Dipper and Mable Pines spend the summer with their great-uncle, Grunkle Stan. They reach the mysterious town of Gravity Falls and work in their Grunkle’s tourist shop, The Mystery Shack. As they spend more time in Gravity Falls, they discover that it is a town filled with mysterious secrets. After Dipper finds a journal with insight to the town's mysteries, they go off and discover that not everything is what it seems. They meet new friends along the way and usually end up fighting some monsters.

As the show progresses they find out that their Grunkle Stan has been hiding a secret that will eventually lead to their most challenging battle yet.

Gravity Falls can be streamed on Disney Plus and Hulu.

  1. Suite Life of Zack & Cody/Suite Life on Deck 

The show focuses on two identical twins named Zack and Cody Martin. When their mom, Carey, gets a job at the five-star Tipton Hotel in Boston, their family of three moves into a large suite in the hotel. Soon, Zack and Cody become friends with Maddie Fitzgerald , the girl that works at the candy counter in the lobby, and London Tipton, the self-obsessed and spoiled daughter of Mr. Tipton, the owner of the hotel. 

The show follows the twins and their crazy shenanigans, causing the hotel manager, Marion Moseby, lots of trouble. The trouble sticks with Moseby, when he becomes the manager of the S.S. Tipton, the troubling twins attend Seven Seas High which is a high school program offered on the cruise. There Zack and Cody meet their roommates and friends Bailey, Woody, and more. The group of friends explore different countries together as they 

Both the original series and the spinoff can be found on Disney Plus. 

  1. Wizards of Waverly Place

Alex Russo and her two brothers Justin and Max are wizards and must master their powers or else they would lose them forever. While learning and practicing their wizardry, they have to live their lives as normal kids. Their father, Jerry Russo, who teaches them everything they need to know about being wizards, was formerly a wizard himself. However, he gave up his powers when he married his mortal wife Theresa. 

In the show, the audience gets to watch the three siblings progress towards mastering their powers, while also living their lives like any other normal kids but being sure to hide their secret from everyone. The ultimate goal as wizards was to win the Family Wizard Competition, which meant only one person from the Russo family would become a full wizard. 

The show can be watched on the platform Disney Plus. 

  1. Boy Meets World 

Cory Matthews begins his journey in middle school where he learns from his teacher Mr.Feeny, who also happens to be his next door neighbor. He lives with his parents, older brother Eric, and younger sister Morgan. His best friend Shawn Hunter is a rebellious and angsty kid due to his troubling family life. Topanga Lawrence is Cory’s childhood love who is smart and hard-hitting. The three go through life together and deal with school, friends, and romance. 

The show follows them as they go through highschool and eventually college where they meet new people and create relationships that last a lifetime.

This series had seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. Years later Disney picked up a sequel, Girl Meets World (2014), that follows Cory and Topanga raising their two children Riley and Auggie. As Cory has done in the past, Riley will now find her way through life with her friends and family by her side.

Boy Meets World can be streamed on Disney Plus. 

  1. That’s So Raven 

Raven Baxter seems like an ordinary teen but she can see the future. Her psychic abilities allow her to see glimpses of the future. Raven lives in San Francisco with her parents and little brother Cory. Along with her family, her best friends Chelsea and Eddie are the only ones who know her secret. Knowing the future might seem fun but her visions always get Raven in trouble somehow.

 Throughout the show, the audience gets to see all of Raven's ups and downs as she grows up and works towards her dream of becoming a fashion designer. This sitcom has two spin-off shows including Cory in the House (2007) and Raven’s Home (2017).

That’s So Raven can be streamed on Disney Plus.

  1. Hannah Montana 

Normal teen Miley Stewart lives with her father and brother in Malibu after leaving the simple country life in Crowley Corners, Tennessee. She may lead a simple life with her best friends Lily Truscott and Oliver Oken by her side but she has a secret. By night, she is teen pop sensation Hannah Montana. As she juggles living a double life, Miley finds herself in some funky situations and with the help of her friends and family, she learns to have the best of both worlds.

Hannah Montana can be streamed on Disney Plus.

  1. Kickin It 

The Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy was known as the worst ranking dojo, and it was run by sensei Rudy. Due to the lack of skill and amount of students training at the facility, the chain was in danger of closing. That was until the dojo gained two strong members, Jack and Kim. Kim originally attended Bobby Wasabi’s rivals, the Black Dragons. 

The show follows the five friends, Jack, Kim, Milton, Jerry and Eddie from their regular lives as high school students and their lives in the dojo. 

Kickin’ It can be streamed on Disney Plus. 


  1. Lab Rats/Lab Rats Elite Force 

A millionaire inventor, Donald Davenport, raised three bionic children in his technologically advanced basement. Their bionic abilities were a secret to the world and no one knew they existed. That was until Davenport’s wife, Tasha, and step son, Leo, moved in with him. Leo soon discovered a secret elevator, which led to the lab in the basement where Adam, Bree, and Chase, the three bionic children, lived. While exploring the lab he witnessed the three of them use their bionic abilities, which meant their bionic secret was revealed to both Tasha and Leo. The 3 bionic humans hid from the world and were trained to use their abilities to go on missions to save the world. 

Throughout the show the audience gets to see Adam, Bree, and Chase leave the lab, after living there for their entire lives, and adapt to the real world, and their progression towards mastering their bionic abilities. The Lab Rats series consists of four seasons. 

There is a spinoff show called Lab Rats Elite Force, in which Bree and Chase, two of the three bionic humans join forces with three super heroes, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar from the Disney XD show, Mighty Med. Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar, were searching for extra help to find the people responsible for destroying Mighty Med Hospital. 

In the spinoff, Lab Rats Elite Force, the audience watches the new “elite force” through the battles they experienced and the obstacles they encountered on their journey to find and defeat the villains that destroyed Mighty Med Hospital. This spinoff, Lab Rats Elite Force consists of only one season. 

Both the original show and the spinoff can be streamed on the platform Disney Plus

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