Show Review: Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a funny action-filled Netflix series, with one season out now. The show was a major hit and is already confirmed for a second season. Outer Banks season one was directed by Jonas Pate, Cherie Nowlan, and Valerie Weiss. Pate also wrote the show’s season one along with writers Rachel Alter, Shannon Burke, Kathleen Hale, Josh Pate, Keith Josef Adkins, Jay Beattie, and Dan Dworkin. 

Outer Banks is about four teenagers who have one goal, to have the best summer with each other. The group is a part of the “lower cut” of the Outer Banks. As explained in the first episode “Pilot” by pogue, John B. He says “the Outer Banks, paradise on  Earth. It’s sort of the place where you either have two jobs or two houses.” The island has two sides, there's Figure Eight where the rich folks live, also known as the Kooks. The south side of the island is where the Pogues, the lower cut, can be found and is also where the four teens are from. Although their summer takes a sharp turn into a part of the island society that hides many secrets fortune, and unfolds the truth about many people.

The four Pogues are JJ, Kiara, John B, and Pope. JJ, played by Rudy Pankow, is known for being the wildest of the four and John B’s best friend since the third grade. Watching season one I noticed he is the one to get the dangerous jobs done. His whole life he has had to lie and as John B calls him “a mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.” Kiara (Kie) is played by Madison Bailey. She technically is a part of the Kook world considering her family owns a restaurant that is a tourist magnet, although she is a Pogue at heart. Kiara has a problem with the way we treat the Earth, according to her “we should be giving it 100 percent, bare minimum.” Next is the “ringleader” John B played by actor Chase Stokes. He is a kind-hearted soul and would do anything for his friends. He hopes his father is still alive after supposedly being lost at sea. Lastly is Pope or as John B says “the brains of our operation”. He is a smart kid that's destined for success. Throughout the gang’s dangerous journeys he is always worrying whether or not what he’s doing will affect his Merit Scholarship. 

Outer Banks’ season one has many unexpected twists and turns with a lot of laughter in between. The show has been such a great success that it has already been confirmed for a second season. So I would catch up now before the second season comes.

Juliana Luong

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