Updates on the Class of 2020’s Graduation and Senior Events

Although it may not be a traditional time for graduations, there have been plenty of ways for the class of 2020 to celebrate their senior year.  For Malden High School seniors, principal Chris Mastrangelo organized a graduation parade with all the teachers.  

Before that, seniors had the opportunity to get their caps and gowns as well as an MHS t-shirt and a facemask.  The cap and gown distribution was done by homeroom on May 28th.  All seniors were asked to place their chromebook and any unreturned library books in their trunks and have their trunks open when they entered the parking lot. To make sure everything went smoothly and quickly, students were asked to have their name, height and t-shirt size on a piece of paper on the passenger side of their car, visible to teachers. The ice rink across the street from the Holland St. entrance of MHS was used to have more room. 

Screenshot of MHS Athletics Twitter account sharing pictures of the cap and gown distribution.

Once the library books and chromebooks were collected students were then asked to drive forward to the cap and gown station.  Teachers took into account the students height and provided them with a fitting gown.  The cap and gown was placed into the trunk of the students car and then the student was asked to drive forward.  Cones were set up for the student to follow in between stations.  The student then drove up to the t-shirt and mask station where a MHS t-shirt along with a facemask was placed into the trunk of their car alongside the cap and gown.  Once the teachers had shut the trunk of the students car, the student was free to exit the parking lot and go home.  

On May 31 at 2:00 pm, Mastrangelo gathered up teachers from MHS and provided the senior class with a parade to honor their graduation.  This parade was originally cancelled, then a few things were changed and it was back on.  To ensure that the parade went as smoothly as possible, Mastrangelo worked with the Mayor’s office as well as the police and fire departments, and spread the teachers throughout the city.  Spreading the teachers throughout the city provided smaller parades to go through each ward, which ensured that the city would not be shut down for hours upon hours.  This parade was initially meant to last only one day, but ended up lasting two.  

Screenshot of Chris Mastrangelo Twitter sharing pictures of the graduation parade.

Although there is no word on what is happening with prom at this moment, there has been talk about a senior gathering at the end of the summer. There has been talk about a formal graduation and a senior cookout, once the COVID-19 restrictions are more loose. There is still no confirmation about either of these events, though there is speculation that the postponed cookout conversation might not happen due to the precedence the graduation ceremony holds. There is also still no word on what will be happening with the money raised by the senior class.

Courtney Fitzgerald

Courtney Fitzgerald is a 16 year-old junior at Malden High School. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts but has Irish origins. Fitzgerald is a dancer and her favorite song is “Soldier” by Gavin Degraw. She speaks English and has some knowledge of Sign Language which she is learning in her free time. Her favorite food is chicken fingers and her favorite media to spend her time on is Instagram. Fitzgerald’s favorite brands are Nike and Converse and her favorite season is fall.

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