Introducing: Malden High’s Playlist of the Month! 

This year, The Blue and Gold is involving the students of Malden High in creating a monthly playlist. On the first of every month, there will be a survey posted on our Instagram Story to ask the community what they are currently listening to. These songs will then be added to a playlist that will be shared both on our website and our Spotify. 

During these current times with everyone stuck at home due to the pandemic, it can be easy to feel alone and disconnected from each other. We hope that these monthly playlists will help bring the Malden High community together, as well as become something that people look forward to being a part of. 

Cover art for the October 2020 playlist. Illustration by Lulu Harding.

With over 40 songs in October’s playlist, you never know which ones you might end up liking. This month includes songs from various different genres, languages, and artists. From “COFFEE BEAN” to “Mario Kart 64,” there is something for everyone. This is a chance for you to discover new artists, while also seeing what others are listening to right now. 

Enjoy! 🙂

Lulu Harding, Head of Sports

Julie Huynh, Managing Editor

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