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Starting this school year online with new teachers and new students, Malden High introduces the new program manager in the Pathways Program, Lisa Kingsley. 

Photo of Lisa Kingsley. Photo submitted by Kingsley.

At Malden High, the Pathways Program provides students an alternative approach to earn their high school diploma. Ron Janowicz, also known as “Mr. J” among his students, designed the present Pathways Program at Malden High, after working for forty-two years in the education system, thirty-eight of which he spent at Malden Public Schools. 

At the end of last year, Janowicz retired and Principal Chris Mastrangelo had to find a strong candidate for the program. Out of all the applicants, Kingsley stood out as the most promising.

Boyle House Principal, Stephanie Sibley, described Kingsley as “having a lot of experience working with younger people,” and Mastrangelo mentioned that she came across as “really strong and confident.” He also mentioned that Kingsley is “comfortable working with different kinds of students from different cultures” and that she has “a lot of experience working with young people.” According to Sibley, Kingsley promises to build "great ideas" on the Pathways Program.

Malden High School is considered to be one of the most diverse schools in the country. Students come from different backgrounds and each with their own story. Born and raised in a small town in Kansas, Kingsley had always been fond of “exploring the world outside of her little town.” She got to do that after graduating, getting her bachelor’s in Chicago and her master’s in New York. 

Additionally, Kingsley’s adventures extended beyond the borders of the United States when she and her husband took one year off to travel to East Asia. They traveled from India to China and later, Thailand, where she “became a professional scuba diver.” Kingsley also enjoys spending time with her three kids and is in two different book clubs. Once the pandemic is over she “hopes” that her family will be able to visit South America.

So far, Kingsley has been enjoying her time in the Pathways Program. She stated that “everyone in the team is amazing” and that she has “a lot to learn from each individual member of the administrative team.”

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One thought on “New Staff Profile: Lisa Kingsley

  1. I was a student at the “Challenge” in Malden where Mr. J was the principal alongside Miss S. as VP. I’m looking for my daughter who’s entering 9th grade this year to enter the Pathways Program. I’m so glad to see Malden still offers a alternative for students.

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