Starting the school year, as a new staff member, Jessalynne Brown has made it easier for herself, since she is a Malden High alumnus, Class of 2013. During this pandemic, she has really focused on self-care and connecting with her immediate family. 

As a counselor she is dedicated to her work, especially when it comes to the welfare of the students. Other staff members, such as Brunelli House Principal Heather Northrop, regarded her to be “one of the sweetest people she has ever met, [as she knows] that [Brown] has an incredible amount of patience working with students so [there is] no such thing as a silly question when a student goes to [her].” In a way, she is able to inspire and help other students who are willing to take that career path, and vice versa; her students are one of the reasons why she is motivated and encouraged to work in education.

Photo of Jessalynne Brown sent by Brown.

  Boyle House Principal Stephanie Sibley, mentioned that Brown “worked with about eight girls, and [she thinks] Brown did a great job following up with those students each week. In some cases, their grades had been suffering a bit and by the end of it most of them have turned things around and ended the year in a really strong footing.” Not many teachers are willing to take that extra time and hours to spend with their students, however, Brown seems so driven to be a teacher that “would be willing to do anything for her students,” whether it be mental or physical health. 

Brown mentioned if she could ever go back to freshman year again she would love to have known all the extracurricular activities the school has to offer, such as Summer Search, early college, community service clubs, and more. Not only was she an alumnus but she was also an all honors student, taking advanced placement classes, while also joining clubs and a few sports. Brown interned at Malden High for counseling over the summer, which really showed her passion for the city of Malden, the students, and its staff members. She also brought up that if she was not a school counselor, she would love to either be a gym teacher or an English teacher because of [her] passion for writing and for sports, specifically softball. 

One of the staff members that really motivated her to become an educator was Jenkins grade 10 to 12 Guidance Counselor, Ann O’Connor. When she was a student at Malden High, she mentioned that O’Connor really inspired her because of how she was with her students and how she was able to help other kids who were struggling. Brown was so moved by O’Connor’s way of relating to students that she decided to also become a teacher and take that career path to help kids who needed guidance not just with school but also with their future. 

Northrop stated that Brown’s impact will be great because she would make her students feel safe and respected working with her.” Throughout this pandemic, it is important that students have staff members who they feel comfortable enough to ask for advice and counseling, especially during these uncertainties. 

Since she has such a good reputation within the school board and Malden High School itself, many of the staff members such as Northrop, Sibley and Director of School Guidance, Erin Craven, have all mentioned how she would make such a great educator for the students and the community. She hopes to be able to help students and be that support system that they do not  usually have at home and to provide a safe environment for the students. 

She also discussed the diversity in Malden High and how it can help other students see the world without having to travel because of  how diverse and mixed the students are in Malden and she has expressed how lucky we are to reside in such a diverse community.

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