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The movie Life in a Year was released on November 27, 2020, the romantic drama film will lead to a spiral set of emotions. Daryn is a 17-year-old high-honors student and track star with a bright future ahead of him and a perfect family. While he has nothing to worry about, Isabelle is not attending school and is trying to get through life, while battling cancer, with only one year left to live.

 Daryn wants to give Isabelle the best year, even if it means his grades may be compromised and that he may not get into the Ivy League university that his father wants him to. The message behind Life in a Year is that love has risks and that it may affect the future which could be good or bad, maybe even both.

Isabelle’s pessimistic view, loss of hope, and how she looks at the world affect her mindset, telling herself that she can’t accomplish everything in one year, but it is this mindset that attracts Daryn to Isabelle.

Daryn dedicates his whole life to making Isabelle’s final 12 months the best ones of her life, he does everything in his power even if it means going against his strict father. In turn, Isabelle helps Daryn loosen up, instead of trying to make everything perfect, she encourages him to let life do its job and have him set his goals and dreams, instead of following his father’s. She helps him realize that there is more to life than getting good grades and that he should live in the moment. 

Life in a Year may seem like another corny film about two teenagers that fall in love and it could be, but the movie shows what love is really about, that it is not gifts and kisses that define a relationship, but the risks taken that matter. 

The movie shows the different aspects of what being in love at a young age is like, that there is an age standard when it comes to love. Teenagers are constantly told that they are too young to be in love or that they do not know what it means when most of them have a clear understanding of what it means in their own way.

The movie Life in a Year is a way to show movie reviewers different aspects of love itself, it was amazing to see how two different people from two different lives could love one another unconditionally. 

The movie shows you how short life is and how fast it moves, imagine being in Isabelle’s shoes and knowing that you only have one year left to live and you haven’t done half the things that you wished. Life goes by fast and sometimes it catches up to you, it is your choice to decide how you want to live it because life is what you make of it.

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