The Blue and Gold: Podcast Edition, EP 01

Photo of Juliana Davidson. Submitted by Davidson.


Welcome to the first official episode of our new podcast, The Blue and Gold: Podcast Edition. This episode focuses on junior Juliana Davidson, the newest member of the school committee. We discuss her role as a student representative and what goes on during the monthly Zoom meetings. This episode was hosted and edited by Julie Huynh.

Julie Huynh

Returning for her third year in the class, Julie Huynh is excited to be a staff member of The Blue and Gold again. On top of being a reporter and a member of the managing team, Huynh is also vice president of her class and an active participant in Feminism Club, along with several other youth organizations. Over the past few years, the class has had such a positive impact on her life, so she can’t wait to make the most of this year despite the circumstances. Huynh is looking forward to curating content for The Blue and Gold’s social media accounts, and she is planning on starting her own podcast as well. In her free time, she likes to journal, watch horror movies and listen to Taylor Swift.

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