Malden Boys Soccer Season Recap

  1. The game against the Medford team was postponed due to one of the players from the opposing team testing positive for COVID-19.
  2. Lynn English vs. Malden High resulted in a draw of 2-2.
  3. Malden High vs. Everett High resulted in a draw of 4-4. 
  4. Malden High vs. Somerville resulted in a 4-2 victory for the Malden team.
  5. Chelsea High vs. Malden High resulted in a 6-1 victory for the Malden team.
  6. Lynn Classical vs. Malden High resulted in a 3-2 victory for the Malden team.
  7. Revere High vs. Malden High resulted in a 9-0 loss for the Malden team.
Freshman Donald Anthony Wright (on the left) with his senior teammate Marckley Narcisse (on the right). Photo taken by Alexey Mozyaev.

This year, the Malden High Boys Soccer team started their soccer season close to the end of the school year in April, rather than the usual start of the season in September.

There have been a lot of changes to the team this year where some of the current senior players that played last year did not return to play this season due to COVID-19, family circumstances and busy work schedules. Head Coach Jeremiah Smith came in for the season with “little expectation,” but “taking each game seriously.” Anything could have been expected from the players after a year and a half break. Some losing their shape, and some “being a little uncomfortable with the ball.” 

The last season the Boys Soccer team played was during the fall of 2019. That season in particular was not a successful year for the team, as they finished their season with six wins, 10 losses and two draws which is an unusual record for the team compared to their previous season (fall of 2018), where they finished record of 10 wins, only five losses, and three draws, all the while qualifying for the State Championship Cup. 

This Soccer season has been different from any other season that the Soccer team has ever played. The season is only one month long. The team can only hold 20 players instead of 25 players. COVID-19 regulations have been imposed for the safety of all players on the field. Heading the ball is no longer possible, and so is touching the ball with your hands. Tackling the players of the opposing team is also permitted. There are now a limited number of players in the wall during free kicks and masks are to be worn at all times. 

“It was a little challenging to get accustomed to the regulations in the beginning,” said Senior Captain Frederick Correa, “but not impossible.” In the first two games of the season, the Soccer team neither lost nor won. The next three games looked more successful than the previous game, and the team won three games in a row. One of them was a 6-1 victory over Chelsea High School. 

A long break was only in favor for the returning players of the team. Even though it might have seemed that there was a long gap between the two seasons and the constant doubts of whether the soccer season is happening at all, the team came back strong, as they took time to practice and train on their own. 

Aman Chhetri, one of the captains on the team, said that “a lot of players from the team showed up to captain practices,” adding that they always brought intensity and always put in effort. Chhetri believes that the reason why the team is playing so well this year is because “of [their] communication and relationship within the field and outside of it.” Most of the players would always get together and play “footy” or just hang out around Malden. “[They] are not just a team but also friends that enjoy the beautiful game of soccer” said Chhetri. 

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