Bringing the Covid-19 Vaccine to Malden

After about 426 days of masks and social distancing, the CDC approved the Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15 years old. As soon as Mayor Christenson heard, he and Director of Health, Chris Webb were able to get extra equipment out for them straight away. The Pfizer vaccine was already in CVS stores and other types of clinics, but the city took it one step further and made clinics and vaccinations available in all of the Malden Public Schools. With this extra level of comfortability and accessibility, more people were able to get vaccinated than ever.

With this being said, many of the vaccines are nearing their expiration date. Chris Webb points out that “[they] have many doses of Johnson & Johnson that [they] are going to try and move next week. [There will be] clinics here at City Hall from 5 to 9 PM for anyone 18 and older, one and done.” He says that he greatly appreciates anyone that wants to get vaccinated. 

“[There are] 700 doses that [they] want to get used that expire around June 20th, so [they] will only have this open for next week, and then [they] will have to remove them.” 

Superintendent John Oteri also wanted to mention that regarding Covid-19, “[Malden has had] very low numbers and no transmissions within the schools.” He says that people were very cooperative when working with the protocols, and also believes everyone worked well with the city and the Board of Health. “[Malden’s] school nurses were terrific from the beginning of the pandemic, volunteering to do contact tracing for the city to stepping up at numerous vaccine clinics…[They’ve] done a really good job getting all the necessary PPE and our students have been phenomenal.”

As of the May 28th Equity Vaccination report, Malden is keeping up with the state average as our partially vaccinated and vaccinated percent line right up with the state. 

Remember, anyone can go and get a vaccine at any of the Malden Public School Clinics as long as they are twelve and up. Chris Webb wants to reiterate that the most important thing is “Vaccinate now!”

A vaccine clinic at the Linden STEAM Academy. Photo submitted by Chris Webb.

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