Outdoor Track Photo Gallery

The Malden High School’s Girl’s and Boy’s Outdoor Track Team started their season later than usual on May 17th. Below are photos from their meet on June 2nd, versus Chelsea. All Photos Taken by Hadjar Yousfi.

Hadjar Yousfi

Hadjar Yousfi is a freshman at Malden High. She was born on August 29, 2006 in Boston Mass General. She lived in Lynn until she was around two and moved to Malden about 12 years ago. As an eighth-grader going into freshman year, she found it quite terrifying knowing that classes would be a little harder. She is especially worried about math since she considers that subject one of her weaknesses. But in general, adjusting to a new school with older and new kids is frightening to her, since making new friends is not her prowess. Her passions are writing, reading, painting and drawing. She would consider her life growing up as "pretty relaxed and chill.” Since she grew up with both of her parents and siblings, Yousfi is bilingual and can speak both English and her native language which is Arabic. She is also from Algeria. As a young teenager, she does not really quite know what she wants to be in the future however she wants to include writing in her life.

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