A Malden High player kicks the ball. Photo taken by Dani Licona-Cruz.

The Malden Tornadoes of the JV Girls Soccer team played against their long-time rivals, the Everett Crimson Tide. They were determined to win and had one goal in mind; winning. Saying the Tornadoes had laser-sharp focus during this game is no exaggeration.

The game began with Malden having the first ball. They started positively by scoring a goal within the first 15 minutes of the game. Parents and fans alike stood cheering on the sidelines. Some were even giving advice to the players as they ran around the field, telling them to “spread out” and more.

The Malden High girls remained sharp throughout the entirety of the game. They did well with keeping Everett far away from their goal. Whenever Everett seemed to get close, Malden would shut them down and bring the ball back.

Even so, Everett played well. When Malden attempted to score a goal they were blocked by the Crimson Tide. Still, as the end of the first half neared, Malden remained in the lead with their goal from earlier.

The first half of the game came to a close and though it was Everett’s ball, Malden took it right away. Malden seemed eager to stay in the lead. They fought to shut down every attempt Everett made to score.

Malden made a wonderful pass, though it was unclear who it was sent to, and almost scored had it not been for Everett’s goalie. However, this didn’t stop fans from lighting up at the play. One fan in particular said “it was a beautiful play.”

However, they say calm comes before the storm and so it did.

It wasn’t clear how, but suddenly the game stopped and the Everett team took a knee. This signifies that one of their players got injured. As they made their way off the field, everyone remained solemn.

Now, with one of their players out Everett seemed a bit off their game, guaranteeing the win for the Tornadoes.

As the game came to a close, the Tornadoes remained aloof and kept their guard up. When the referee blew the whistle and signaled the end of the game, the girls rejoiced, celebrating their win of 1-0, against the Crimson Tide.

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