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Elections in the City of Malden were held on the 2nd of November, 2021. The elections concerned councillors-at-large for the entire city, councillors for each individual ward, and school council members for each individual ward. Out of a body of over 35,800 registered voters, 7,187 voted in the election, leading to a voter turnout of 20%.

In the citywide elections for councillor-at-large, the foremost candidate was Craig Spadafora with 3,380 votes. Pulling up the rear were Karen Colon Hayes, with 3,085 votes, and Brian J. DeLacey, with 1,483 votes. All three of these candidates will be seated in the 2022-2024 city council. An interesting fact to note is that more people had their ballots marked blank (6,599) than voted for any one candidate.

In Ward One, Councillor Peg Crowe defended her seat against challenger Nadege Phillipe, winning her seat with a tally of 449 votes to 153. In school committee elections for this ward, Michael E. Drummy ran uncontested, and secured 466 votes, with 153 ballots marked blank.

In Ward Two, sitting Councillor Paul A. Condon ran uncontested, winning his seat with 521 votes. In the school committee elections, sitting member Robert S. Mc.Carthy ran unopposed, securing 510 votes.

In Ward Three, Councillor Amanda Linehan retained her seat against contender Glen Curtis, with a total of 827 votes to 453 votes. In terms of the school committee elections, the current member for Ward Three, Jennifer Spadafora, ran unopposed and secured the seat, with a final tally of 948 votes.

In Ward Four, Ryan O’ Malley defended his seat against contender Jeffery A. Donahue, with a final tally of 459 votes to 206. In the school committee elections, Leonard Lovino, the current councillor, did not run, and Dawn M. Macklin ran unopposed, securing that seat with 466 votes.

In Ward Five, Barbara Murphy retained her seat against Ari Taylor, with a final vote tally of 668 to 538 votes. In the school committee elections, sitting member Adam Weldai ran unopposed, receiving 946 votes.

In Ward Six, sitting councillor David Cammel declined to run, and in the councillor elections, Jerry Leone lost to Stephen P. Winslow, with a tally of 338 votes for Leone and 564 votes for Winslow. In the school committee elections, Joseph Gray retained his seat by running unopposed, securing 678 votes.

In Ward Seven, the sitting councillor and the city council president Neal Anderson did not run, leading to Chris Simonelli winning the seat against school committee member Michelle Luong, with a tally of 509 votes to 386, respectively. In the school committee election, Keith Bernard triumphed over Nichole Mossalam, with a vote count of 483 for Bernard, and 302 for Mossalam.

In Ward Eight, the sitting councillor, Jadeane Sica, defended her seat against Nate Kupel, with a vote tally of 465 to 385. In the school committee elections for this ward, sitting member John Froio did not run, leading to a race between Bruce Friedman and Sharyn Rose-Zeiberg, won handily by the latter, with a vote tally of 163 to 614.

All these new members and returning members will sit at their new councils for their two-year terms, at which time they will be subject to election once more.

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