New Crumbl Cookie Locations in Massachusetts

This is the store on the outside. Photo taken by Mack Keating

Crumbl Cookies is a national cookie shop and it just opened two new locations in Massachusetts. Previously, the closest shop was in Methuen, but now the travel distance will be even closer. Woburn opened a location at 300 Mishawum Road, which is in the Woburn Village shopping center, on November eleventh. The week following, Saugus opened a location in the shopping center at 358 Broadway Suite.

While at first glance this shop may seem like any other cookie store, it does have some specialties. For one, the individual cookies are huge, about twice the size of an average cookie. The more important distinction, though, is the menu. Crumbl Cookies switches out their menu every Sunday. I tried the cookies from the week of Woburn’s opening, so the choices have changed since then.

The first cookie, and possibly the most basic, was a sugar cookie with almond frosting. This cookie, as well as the chocolate chip cookie, is always on the menu. The cookie was warm and sweet, practically melting in my mouth. It might have been a little too sweet, especially for my standards, but other people I know tried it and disagreed. For this, I will rate the cookie 7/10.

The next cookie was the chocolate chip. When I first tried this, I didn’t taste anything special. Where the sugar cookie was soft with a hint of almond, all this cookie gave me was mediocre baking that I could have gotten cheaper somewhere else. The chocolate chips were barely melted and were hard to bite into, and all around was the worst cookie in the box. I will give it some credit for being a cookie that is supposed to be basic, but it almost felt too basic. Because of this, it gets a 3/10.   

This was the menu that day. Photo taken by Mack Keating

The Reese’s Pieces cookie, on the contrary, was everything the chocolate chip wasn’t. The cookie itself was way softer, the flavor was immaculate, and while that flavor is fairly common, this specific cookie has to be my favorite. The cookie itself was a plain cookie with a hint of peanut butter, and the generous amount of chips embedded in the cookie added a burst of flavor. This cookie easily scores a 9/10.  

Up next was the chocolate cookie with crumbled Oreos scattered throughout the cookie. Upon my first bite of the cookie, I immediately thought, “this cookie is way too sweet.” The chocolate was rich but that combined with the Oreos was way too much sugar for me, and made me crave a glass of milk to go with it. The cookie itself was phenomenal, but a tone-down on the sugar would have been appreciated. For this, the cookie gets a 6/10. 

I personally love dulce de leche anything, so I was over the moon when I found out that was one of their cookies, and Crumbl did not disappoint. The cookie itself was a soft yet crumbly base, with a generous layer of caramel on top, finished off with a dollop of cream. The caramel was sweet but not over the top, and the cream added a nice balance. I could not find a single thing I would change about this cookie and it was by far my favorite. An easy 10/10.  

The final cookie was possibly the most unique flavor on the menu: pecan pie. The cookie crust was a buttery and crumbly cookie with an indent in the middle - akin to a pie crust - to hold the filling. The actual filling was a thick and almost creamy paste and plenty of pecans. From the first bite, the cookie was already falling apart in my hands but the filling stayed mostly intact. The cookie tasted staggeringly good, but it left a mess of crumbs behind. Due to this, it gets a 6/10.  

These are the cookies that were on the menu that day. Photo taken by Mack Keating

The shop was pretty crowded and busy, but even then no one stood in line for more than a few minutes. It was an open concept and guests could watch the process of the cookies being made while waiting. There were two self-serve checkouts for people with credit cards but the location was right in the middle of the line, which made waiting more uncomfortable and everyone was more squished together. While the cookies were amazing, the price was also a negative factor, as each cookie costs $4. In all, my experience in person was an 8/10, and my overall experience was a 7/10. 

With this being my first experience at Crumbl, I would definitely recommend this store to try at least once. While their prices may be high, their cookies are above average and definitely worth it.

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