The anticipation for the new Starbucks in Malden has been brewing for months. Since the announcement over the summer was made by Mayor Gary Christenson, it seems it is all people have been talking about. 

With all this anticipation, they had a lot of pressure on them to open and have a successful opening. With the delay with the construction of the store, the opening date kept being pushed back. It was supposed to open on October 2nd, but didn’t open until mid-October.  

Barista Tivian Nguyen said “when it finally opened it was surely unexpected.” For the staff as the weeks went by it has gotten busier. Even with the odds that seemed against them, they were ready to open; setting up nights before, stocking the store with all their products. They had an eventful opening day. The day of the opening they were only open for about five hours, but within that short span of time it was a hit, considering how much they were able to sell.

The shift manager Laura Odom said they had “completely sold out of pumpkin spice, and some of their food items.” The baristas thought it was “an exciting time,” but didn’t realize how popular it really was going to be. With the new holiday launch, it was even busier than before, “the seasonal items on the shelves were gone.” Most of their orders were holiday drinks. 

Since the opening, there has been steady business. The opening of this Starbucks really brought in a new chapter for Malden and Malden Center. Being across from the train station and close enough to the high school, they are hoping it will bring in enough business for years to come. 

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