Maldonian Raises Money for Yearbook

The yearbook is almost here! 

The Maldonian class at Malden High is currently putting together the final touches on the senior class’ 2021-2022 yearbook. In the meantime, one of the biggest focuses of the class is raising money. 

Senior Mackenzie Brennan, a proofreader for the Maldonian, expressed how important fundraising is for the yearbook. Throughout the year, the class has hosted several fundraising events to raise enough money to keep yearbook prices low, adding “Around picture day, we sold several Malden High lanyards. In the fall, we had a pie and cookie dough sale and most recently we had an online popcorn sale.” 

“Fundraising is important for the yearbook because the price that we sell the yearbook at is actually not the price it costs to make the yearbook…it costs more to make it than what we charge,” senior Maldonian member Abby Tang added. “A lot of money has to be made to keep the yearbook at $85.” 

After February break, the Maldonian class is planning on starting a pastry fundraiser with the same company that they sold pies and cookie dough with. 

In addition to the various fundraisers happening, February is “Maldonian Month.” If students purchase a yearbook in the month of February, they are automatically entered into a raffle. Prizes include Celtics tickets, escape room tickets, a prom ticket, several different gift cards to nearby businesses and more. 

Brennan brought up that although fundraising has been going great this year, one of the biggest challenges that the staff has faced is getting people interested in being involved with the yearbook. “With everything digitized, not everyone is interested in having a yearbook nor do they see the importance of it.” 

Screenshot of the Maldonian's Instagram page, with posts advertising the yearbook.

The staff has also realized that one of the reasons that it has been somewhat difficult selling yearbooks at this point in the year is because “many people think they will be able to buy them in June, which is not necessarily guaranteed,” Brennan stated. Tang mentioned that students often believe they can buy the yearbook later when it comes out, although “preordering is the only way that you know you’ll get it for sure.” 

Only about ten extra yearbooks are ordered. If there happen to be leftover books, Tang explained, “the cost of those goes on to the next year’s class to make up for [it].” It is strongly encouraged that if students want to buy a yearbook, the best time to order is now. 

The yearbook is on track to be finished in early March. Tang says that she is currently working on the pages for the swim team and mock trial. “A few of the other pages that have been done are track, feminism club, [and] psychology club.”

“Currently, most of the staff is finishing winter sports and club pages and beginning spring sports ones,” Brennan said. “It is set to be approximately 200 pages and will be in full color, so it is very exciting.”

The Maldonian Yearbook is $85. You can order the yearbook at the link below:

The deadline to order a yearbook is March 4th.

Correction: Mackenzie Brennan's name was originally misspelled.

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