Class of ’22 Treasurer: Sammi Nie

  Soon to be graduate Sammi Nie leaves behind a legacy on the 2022 student council as class treasurer. 

Nie was elected as class treasurer in 2019, during her sophomore year. 

This was the initial election for the class as advisor Dan Jurkowski was signed onto the position earlier that year. 

Nie stated that she “knew I wanted to be in a student council position and I think I just picked a random position… I just picked it up and was like okay I’ll be class treasurer, that sounds like a fun position.”

“Honestly, I was hesitant, I was like ‘oh my gosh this is going to be so much more work, double the amount of stress’, and then I just decided to do it,” stated Nie. 

Nie’s position entails being present at fundraising events to take care of money, ordering items, making reimbursements, finding out how much money the class needs to reach a certain goal, and this year she overlooked prom ticket sales. 

“It was kinda a little bit challenging because I had to keep track of whether or not we wanted to waste our time on certain fundraisers. I had to make really hard decisions, some of the fundraising stuff were really fun but…[student council] was gonna put in so much effort into it and it wasn't going to raise any money,” Nie said.

Compared to her duties during Sophomore year and Junior year, Nie described her position this year as “a thousand percent more difficult.” 

“I was more involved because I knew what I was doing. It took a while, it was definitely harder because senior year is our last year and I can’t mess up. I had to calculate more, it wasn't just fundraising like a few bake sales and counting the money…I had to pay attention more to liability, I had to reach out to a lot of vendors…it was different but I still had fun.” 

Nie expressed that her involvement in student council as treasurer made her high school experience “A thousand times more stressful.” 

“It wasn't just about school anymore, I had to dedicate time after school, over the summer, I had to plan ahead of time. So it really solidified my position in this school and the impact I was making, however, It was still stressful regardless. I really liked it despite everything.” 

Despite the stress, Nie voiced that she will “miss the chaos” as she leaves her position behind. 

Nie joked and stated she will also miss ”The Blue and Gold interviews, and getting the scoop on things.“ 

“It was a positive experience, there was some negatives but overall it was a good thing.”

She also expressed that being part of student council “shaped” her.

“I’m definitely more organized now. I feel like organized is a word we kinda throw around a lot but like you do not understand how messy things get.”

Nie expressed her sentiments as she closes this chapter as a class officer at Malden High School, stating “I feel like depressed. Like its so sad…I’m gonna miss being part of such a big impact on a school.” 


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