Class of 2025 Student Council Updates

Via CO'25 Instagram.

Since the elections of the Class of 2025, they have been in a bit of a fundraising slump. However, they managed to turn things around and hold their first fundraiser during graduation on June 5th, 2022. The class sold slushies in a variety of flavors for $3. 

According to Class President Lovely Anne Gerochi, the student council has been “very exciting. We’ve all contributed really good ideas and have been able to discuss our plans for the upcoming year.”

The slushie fundraiser in particular has been a usual sight amongst classes just getting started in fundraising. 

Gerochi stated, “The slushie fundraiser was a little hectic at first. I ran around Malden getting things we needed. It was a lot of fun to go up to people and give them slushies.”

Though the Class of 2025 has had an earlier start to their student council, they haven’t been exempt from all difficulty. They have only had one fundraiser, versus the Class of 2024, who has had two. Nevertheless, Gerochi feels “confident in the elected student council” especially as she “knew most beforehand” of the members.

Gerochi also noted that “the council isn’t stressful yet” since it is only the end of the first year.

She further stated that they “made more money than expected” at the slushie fundraiser. In an email sent out by their Class Advisor Leanne DeRosa, it was said that they made “good profit.”

Said email also mentioned the upcoming fundraiser which will be a car wash held on August 6th, 2022. It will be in the parking lot behind the CVS on Ferry Street. 

The Class President also stated that they have “another surprise fundraiser planned for the fall.”

It seems that even with only three meetings under their belt, the Class of 2025 has started off strong. Through slushies, car washes, and more surprises to be revealed, they seem ready to fundraise as much as they can.

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