The Girls Varsity Soccer Team is Determined to Keep Going

Jenayah Moreno and Haset Tesfaw also contributed to this article.

(Left) Catherine Santos kicked the ball at the September 28th game. HAYLEE SEELEY. (Top Right) The team poses for a picture after their win against Chelsea. HASET TESFAW.(Bottom Right) The team holds up Mercedes Costa, the only freshman on the varsity team, after their win against Chelsea. HASET TESFAW.

Malden High School’s girls varsity soccer team started this season with a rough patch, but pulled through and started to improve their streak after playing against Chelsea at their September 28th game. 

They were passionate and determined as they stepped onto the field. The girls moved through the game with perseverance as the JV girls soccer team and fans cheered them on. Ultimately they won the game 2-1.

Catherine Santos, the captain of the team explained that, “it's been rough dealing with a bunch of hard seasons and some good seasons but also at the end of each season, it's mostly the memories of the players and the actual games. So I think the thing that I cherish the most about the soccer team is the memories and being able to be in a fun environment.”

As the weeks went by, the girls varsity team practiced more and more to try and improve throughout this season.

On October 12th the girls tied with East Boston. For a while no scores were in sight but eventually in the last half of the game Malden scored and finally tied with East Boston. After the game, the team still felt proud of their tie as the coach gave them a pep talk.

Junyu Wu running after the ball. HAYLEE SEELEY

Alysaa Mini, a center back on the team, said “our coach is very encouraging. And he has really led the team in a really strong way. And he encourages us to be our best… and pushes us towards things that he notices that we do really well. He will always encourage that. He'll make sure to encourage us when we are giving our all every single time.” 

When Malden High first competed against East Boston on September 12th, they lost 7-4. Hence why the girls were so proud of themselves for being able to improve to this level. 

 “I feel like today was our strongest game that we've had all season. I think that we pushed to our fullest potential. I think that there's always room for improvement, but this game specifically, I felt the strength of all of the girls on the team and I felt like every single last one of them was giving everything that they had and they weren't holding back their skill level. And I think that their skill levels have improved a lot over this whole season,” Mini said. 

Junyu Wu, a new addition to the varsity team, explained that, “East Boston is a tough team, but we still managed to bring it to a tie.” She continued, “we worked our hardest, just to like keep the score from being 1-1, and not letting any goals in.” 

(Top Left) The team huddling up after the game. HAYLEE SEELEY. (Bottom Left) Referee looking at player's play on the field on September 28th soccer game. HASET TESFAW. (Left) Addison McWayne running up the field. HAYLEE SEELEY.

The players have progressed over this season according to Mini, “I love the girls on my team. I know a lot of us have improved a lot over the season and they’re very encouraging. And every single game, they just give all of their effort. And they’re very hardworking, and they don’t give up.” 

Even with their record being 4-10-1, the Girls Varsity Soccer team has made an impact this fall. They played Revere today, October 20th, at Pine Banks Field while also repping pink in support of Breast Cancer during this awareness month. They will then finish the season with games against Charlestown and Medford.  

 Leyla Rodriguez, one of the senior captains of the varsity team, says that over the years the soccer team has become more of a community and as the season progresses they’ve all connected more. She enjoys the team and calls them a family. 

With the seniors leaving soon, it’s known that many players will miss them. “I'm really gonna miss the seniors,” Wu said. Thankfully these seniors and the rest of the varsity team, have certainly left an impact this season.

Sophomore Midfielder Addison McWayne waiting for the ball to be thrown in. HASET TESFAW.

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