Malden Chambers of Commerce Hosts Annual Trick-or-Treating Event

Gabriela Parini Cordova also contributed to this article.

All photos by Gabriela Parini Cordova.

On Monday, October 31st, Malden Chambers of Commerce hosted their 15th annual Halloween Trick-or-treat event from three to five P.M. This event consisted of many stores from City Hall to the Black Label Barbershop handing out candy to local trick-or-treaters. 

Many stations were set up at City Hall plaza with companies promoting themselves and giving out candy. Parents and kids twelve and under used a map to guide them to every candy station on the block with 28 stops in total. The kids were excited to receive their treats and see all the amazing costumes.

The day consisted of kids in their best costumes all down Malden Center’s streets. The event was huge with many participants and supporters. Many businesses came down to advertise to the parents of the trick-or-treaters. 

Some of those businesses consisted of Saint Paul’s church, the Malden Public Library, Urban Media Center, Premiere Dance center, and many more. Some stations engaged with the kids and took pictures, such as the ambulance station where kids could take a picture with a dalmatian dog.

 Fire department and police officers come together to support the trick-or-treat event. 

Malden center was filled with joy and excitement as there had been many candy stops as well as a popcorn machine and books which were handed out in the City Hall plaza. Additionally, the kids did not only get candy but got to enjoy halloween also it was an interactive event while getting educational items l such as books, and were able to interact with the people dressed in fun costumes. This was a convenient way for kids and parents to enjoy their day while still staying safe knowing that the candy they were being handed was safe for their children to eat. 

Halloween can be a fun but risky holiday due to many parents worrying about what might be inside their kids’ candy. This event was a fun way for City Hall and local businesses to ensure the kids of Malden could enjoy the trick-or-treating experience in a safe manner. 

People dressed to impress at the Halloween Event.

Having an earlier event and trusted adults handing out candy let kids enjoy their experience while still keeping them safe. Halloween can be tricky for parents but having Malden Chambers of Commerce open this event to the city of Malden made it easy for parents and children to enjoy their days. Parents didn’t have to stay out late and face the hassle of getting kids in bed yet kids still got their Halloween fun.

Overall the event was well received by the community as it was a safe and productive way for kids to have fun on Halloween. Malden Chambers of Commerce had planned this out for kids to get the experience of Halloween without the dangers and worries a parent may have. The day was well enjoyed by all and kept both parents and kids happy while still having their Halloween spirit.

Premiere Dance Center, East Cambridge Saving Bank and Malden Public Library promote their businesses and hand out candy.

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