On February 13th, Malden’s Boys Basketball Varsity squad hosted Somerville on their home court.  Malden played with determination, skill and endurance and ended up winning the game. The score ended up being 58-54 a Malden win. 

(Bottom right) Malden's #21 after successfully making a free throw. CHOUAIB SAIDI (Left) Justin Bell shooting a free throw. CHOUAIB SAIDI (Top right) Malden's number 21 Jonald Joseph with his hands up.  CHOUAIB SAIDI

(Left) Players sitting down on the bench. CHOUAIB SAIDI (Top right) Peyton Carron communicating with the team CHOUAIB SAIDI (Bottom right) Nathan Sullivan preparing to shoot a free throw. CHOUAIB SAIDI.


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