April Showers Bring May Flowers and AP Exams

Testing time is one of the most stressful moments of the school year where you have to gather all the information you've soaked up throughout a span of time and use that to ace your test. 

Although the most crucial part of test taking is your preparation and the methods you use to earn a decent grade which will display how well your understanding of that specific subject is.

Clarah Ambroise and Leilah St Fort, 12th graders in Malden high school will both be taking the AP exams somewhere around April. Ambroise is currently taking AP Literature with teacher Melissa Sheehan while St.Fort has decided to take two AP classes which are AP Language Composition with teacher Lucia Musilli and AP French with Paul Degenkolb. 

In St Fort’s AP Language Composition class they are diligently writing smaller to larger pieces of body of writing to ensure the students in the class are well equipped and well versed on whatever they might be tested on. In AP French class they put a bit of a spin on it by using different tools to help teach the students the culturally diverse language of french. In AP French the students are recording their voices answering questions and would also answer practice prompt questions on paper. 

St.Fort is not a stranger to the dialect of the french tongue making this class a bit easier for herself compared to other students. She is Haitian born and raised, and in actuality, French is one of her first languages. On a scale from one to ten she rated AP French with Degenkolb a 1 out of 10. Although there are still rare moments where she finds herself learning new things about this interesting language that even she has had yet to hear about. “For AP French, it's a bit biased considering that French is my first language so with that being said the difficulty scale would have to be a 1 out of 10,” stated St Fort.

Ambroise on the other hand has an AP class with the same content, and subject but with a different teacher. Within this class Ambroise enjoys the moments where she gets to read and discover new books to add to her mini library, although she dislikes when her hobbies start to feel more like a job rather than something fun to do with your time. “I like the genre of books that we get to read but I don’t enjoy the work that comes with it,” stated Ambroise. She describes this class as being a 7 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

For this upcoming test and preparation purposes Ambroise is reviewing her past work dating back all the way to the beginning of the school year and using google classroom as a research tool to gain a better grasp on that knowledge. She also has decided to go an extra mile by taking practice exams in whatever open space she can spare for herself to ensure that she gets a good grade.

In Malden High School AP exams are relatively scored out of 5 points so with there being such a small point meter it could leave a lot of room for mistakes and errors to occur. With that being said it's important to quiz yourself, and use the resources that are available. Some words of encouragement that Ambroise would also like to say to motivate other students is “whatever grade you get on the test will not affect your grade so try not to stress over it.”

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