As the wrestling season comes to a close, the coach and captain reflect on the meaningful and rewarding season. The season required some rebuilding, as the team was mostly comprised of freshmen and sophomores along with eighth-grader Corynne McNulty. The team retained more players than expected, but it was a hard journey, as the team battled nutrition and tried their best to push themselves.

Senior and Captain Xander Vargas commented on the state of the season. “The team was pretty good. I was pretty good.” He mentioned how the highlight of his season was against the  Saugus-Peabody co-op team. “They had replayed some of my videos multiple times. So that's a pretty good achievement for me.”

Reflecting on his team, he noted how well the team got along and how any problems they had, they faced as one. However, when he went to States, he had a few tough matches. “My first opponent that I went up against during states was really tall, which made things pretty difficult. He had a really long arm so he wasn't easy to take down.” Vargas’s strategy for this would be to rush in right as the referee blew his whistle so his opponents wouldn't even have time to think. 

Vargas’s biggest accomplishment this season was uniting the team through thick and thin. “I really care for them a lot, and I hope they don't give up. I hope to see them keep on going and not stopping for anybody.”

Both Coach Rin Van and Vargas noted how hard it is to start wrestling, but how much better you will be for it. Rin emphasized how “Everyone starts out scared and confused in their first years, but those who push through always come back stronger and more resilient.”

Malden wrestler, taking down the competition. Photo submitted by Xander Vargas.


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