Crew Team Rows off into the Sunset as Season Closes

As boats return to their slings and oars dry, the Malden High crew team looks forward to the future and achieving their greatest potential. Though the team had a rocky start to their season with fewer returning members than expected, this only brought the team closer together for a successful season.

Through bad weather and strenuous practice, the team worked tirelessly towards its goal of bringing Malden back to its former rowing glory. Through the pain, the team bonded and created forever friendships that would last a lifetime. 

Coach Cane said,  “I know that this is a varsity sport, and we’re supposed to win. But this is still a youth program, and we need to acknowledge the fact that it takes years to build a program.”

While the program might take a bit to grow,  “it doesn’t take years to connect with a student,” Cane said.

Captain and senior Joanne Tang felt remorseful about the end of the season, wishing that she spent more time together with her beloved team. She believed in her team from the start and saw great improvements across the season, especially with sportsmanship. During the last race, she saw everyone cheering and supporting each other on the docks of the Malden River. 

Tang hopes to leave a foundation for continuing captains to pick up and lead the team with. As a member who helped to reforge the crew team, she is excited to watch the rowers climb their peak.

Throughout the season, the team had ups and downs. In one event, a few teammates lost control of the oar – or “catching a crab,” in rowers’ terms — costing them a win. Although the team kept snagging personal records on and off the river, the athletes recognize their lack of members can be a liability in the future. 

Crew is a demanding sport, and competing in back-to-back races puts a great strain on rowers.

“We have a lot of recruiting to do,” said team member and junior Henry Wallis. “If we get our lineup pretty well, then it will be a lot better.”

Wallis joined late in the season, but to the team’s delight, he became their wildcard with his adaptability. He credited a great amount of his success to the bonds he formed with the crew, although he believes the team needs to work on its consistency.

Every day, the team shows up, smiles on their faces and ready to face the trial dubbed crew. Each member helps each other improve and strive for greatness.

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