New Boba store “King Boba Tea” opens in Malden-Medford Line

All photos taken by Chouaib Saidi.

Had you driven by Salem Street, Medford just a few months ago you would have noticed a moving crew. Today, 454 B Salem St. Medford, MA, is known to be the location of “King Boba Tea.”

An outside look at the King Boba Tea store.

King Boba Tea recently opened on Salem Street about a month and a half ago. “We have been planning to open this business for a year and a half, we had friends who had boba businesses and they inspired us to open our own business,” said Vithyea Samuthvong Manager of the King Boba Tea business.

“When we started the business we contacted the supplier and they offered to teach us to make some recipes but we also created our own recipes to show a bit of creativity to attract customers,” Samuthvong explained.

The King Boba's menu.

As we all know, starting a business can be a struggle “a hard part of opening this business was mainly law regulations and the space we needed to open this business,” Samuthvong explained. Despite the hardships of finding a suitable location, they managed to find one that worked for them as a small business.

Customers at King Boba Tea tea share a positive view of the store and how the food tastes, “I like the aesthetics of this place and I don't know it has a lot of charm and it’s pleasant with a lot of colors,” said a customer at King Boba Tea. “Very impressed, they had great customer service, very good environment,” said another customer at King Boba Tea.

“Nice latte, very good texture. A nice little pallet of flavor, not overwhelmingly sweet,” stated the customer after trying their order.

“Mine is super creamy but sweet and if I get to a certain part I'll have that nice taste,” said the other customer after trying their drink.

Overall, King Boba Tea is a great place for customers who are looking for a comforting environment to enjoy the aesthetics and charm of a small business as well as enjoy the delicious flavor of a one-of-a-kind boba shop.

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