Boys’ Lacrosse Season Comes to a Close

All photos submitted by Shuyi Chen

Malden and Mystic Valley fight for the ball in a face off.

With the school year coming to an end, so are spring sports. One of them being the MHS boys lacrosse team.

They had to end last year with false hopes ,coach Jonathan Copithorne aimed to win the Greater Boston League championship, but the team failed, but this is mainly because there are so many kids new to lacrosse and are just learning what it means to be a part of a team. 

Robert Schultz says “ I feel like since I started playing lacrosse I've advanced, but I do remember when I started, and it was not good” the saying we all have to start from somewhere did not come from anywhere.

Schultz goes on to say “ I try to be more helpful than critical when it comes to my newer teammates because I remember what it was like to be in their shoes” with this mindset you can see how the team works together on and off the field you would never think it’s somes first year playing.

Junior Colby Parker cradling the ball with a defender trailing.

They have won five games so far this season, which is a lot considering how new most of the team is compared to other teams they are versus in other districts.

The team has shown determination and accomplishment when it comes to taking their losses and improving from there as a team and it shows in the improvement of the team now.

MHS hopes to see the boys lacrosse team next year, new and improved, they gave us their all this year and we are expecting all that and more next season!

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