Ever in need of a relaxing environment nearby? Well, in-room H305 with Molly Crellin, Rachel Gelling, Jessica Boots, and Jessica Bisson that environment is provided!

As the school year comes to an end, stress and hassle have filled the halls of MHS. As a result, staff members have decided on a fix for this: yoga. This past Wednesday, a relaxing, and relieving atmosphere filled the room as a yoga session was held.

Currently, plans to turn these yoga sessions into a consistent occurrence are being discussed! “We’re trying to get it off the ground for faculty with hopes of maybe next year opening it up for students… we’re hoping to do it at least twice a month, even more depending on interest,” said Crellin. 

Luckily, the odds are in favor of Wellness Wednesdays becoming official! “Ms. Bisson, Ms. Boots, and I have all been trained and have been given a 200-hour yoga teacher training… we run and create the routine!” Crellin added. 

In terms of effectiveness, those who have participated in the yoga sessions can confirm that they’re the perfect addition after a long school day. “I think that it’s very effective and I think that we definitely need more people to come and experience it with us…it’s very beneficial to your physical and mental wellness and you leave here very relaxed and soothed,” Crellin explained.

As more awareness is being made of the importance of mental wellness for students as well as faculty, adding “Wellness Wednesdays” as a new addition to MHS’s diverse array of extracurricular activities would be a great addition! 

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