Malden High Boosts Literacy Skills with New Hire Ms. McCormick

Malden High School this year welcomes a new addition to the faculty: Meghan McCormick. Transferring from Chelsea’s Browne Middle School where she taught 7th grade English, it is safe to say that she is taking a big step in the direction of change.

Graduating from Cornell University, she moved to Massachusetts in 2016 and has lived in the state ever since. She first lived in Brighton, then moved to Stoneham, where she currently lives now. During her interview, Mr. Mastrangelo believed that she was an excellent candidate and stated “I said ‘we shouldn't even interview anybody else’ and we didn't and she's out in the hallway.” She was district-hired for her great qualifications, as well as for the positive energy and knowledge she immediately brought to the interview.

Ms. McCormick working on her computer to help a student. EMILLY DE FARIAS WEIHRAUCH

McCormick has taken quite a liking to Malden High, despite only being here for a short few weeks. She also emphasized Mastrangelo and had a good impression of him right off the bat. She stated that “his and the school’s emphasis on community is really great.” McCormick has stated that despite settling in nicely to this new environment, she still has to get used to some changes, such as the difference in the ethnic population. She became accustomed to speaking Spanish and being around an 85-90% Spanish-speaking population. However, she has to get used to the predominantly Portuguese and Haitian creole speaking environment.

Ever since she started working at Malden High, she has formed her own opinions on the students and the place at which she has been hired. She can already tell subtle differences between the behaviors of the different grades. She believes that seniors are more settled and laid back, compared to freshmen who are more energetic.

“I’m just really excited to be here and to meet more of the amazing students.”

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