Class of 2026 Thanksgiving Meal Raffle

After a competitive election, the Class of 2026 finally has class officers prepared to make this year an exciting experience for all. In order to start off their term, the officers decided to host a Thanksgiving Meal Raffle with the help of their advisors, Nancy Wentworth and Christopher Cornett.

Students were given the opportunity to buy a one-dollar raffle ticket for the chance of winning a Thanksgiving meal worth 100 dollars. “We as the Class of ‘26 chose to host this raffle to make an opportunity for students to engage in the class activities and to bring home a warm surprise for their families,” said Eldu Abrahame, the Class of ‘26 president.

The official Thanksgiving Meal Raffle flyer. Submitted by the CO'26 Officers. 

Sarah Fontaim, one of the social media coordinators, explained that she felt that this was the perfect first fundraiser for them as “it’s a good way to raise money and also a good prize to win.” Vice President Rashmi KC agreed and said, “who doesn’t love a warm lovely meal?”

Though this event was a simple, fun one to get the ball rolling, the officers are already hard at work adjusting to their new positions and planning future events for the Class of '26. “It feels so amazing to be president! I’m so thankful for this role and I believe that I will be able to continue pleasing everyone,” Abraham explained. “I look forward to making everyone happy and allowing all students to feel happy and excited to come to school every morning!”

When considering what exactly it is that the officers want to do, KC has expressed that “for this year, I would like to make sure that we do continue on raising money. Focus on any main situations or concerns being raised.”

Due to the council being so new, there is not much that can be said about their plans at the moment, however, treasurer Oscar Luc hinted at the fact that they are looking “forward to many many more events, especially during the Christmas time!”

Ultimately, the officers share a similar goal as they all hope to encourage a sense of community within the class. “I’m just super excited to work with the council, it’s a great and supportive group. And we are aiming to make the Class of '26 not just a group of students, but also a community of friends,” Luc expressed.

“I think the most exciting thing is the fact that I can do what I love, being on social media, and post about things that directly impact me and my class,” Fontaim expressed.

The officers are all excited about the opportunity and cannot wait to get into the swing of things. “It feels amazing to be an officer for the Class of '26. I am very grateful for this opportunity to help represent my grade,” KC expressed.

After a week of collecting raffle tickets for said Thanksgiving meal, which were being sold at one for a dollar, and six for five dollars, the winners were announced. In first place receiving the full meal was sophomore student Adan Earle. In second place receiving a pie was physical education teacher Mary-Jo Urquhart, and in third receiving another pie was senior Jackson Gordon. 

With the end of this successful first fundraiser, the officers are prepared for what the future has in store for them. “I’m excited to dig into the budgeting of many events and dances, and hopefully raise the most money as a class for a better prom in the future,” Luc said foreshadowing the next months of planning and work that will be put into planning for their senior prom.

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