The Sustainable Development Goals Club Nourishes Their Success

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Club at MHS has had a successful year and hopes to keep its good streak going. The SDG club is a place where students can share their ideas on how they as students can have a positive impact on not only issues in Malden or Massachusetts, but also internationally.

The old SDG Club Poster, the meetings have since been moved to Wednesdays. Photo taken from the official Instagram account @malden.sdgclub.

The club hosted a bake sale a few weeks ago on November 8th, where they brought in over $200. President Saia Hussain of the club said, “The bake sale was organized as a ‘donate to a fundraiser of your choice’ where we had a Google Form with options to donate to five different organizations. These organizations varied from Planned Parenthood, Save the Children, The Trevor Project, and more.” 

Hussain elaborated that “different amounts will go to different organizations because people who donated got to choose where their money went to. So I would say that is our biggest success so far.”

The SDG Club has many things they hope to accomplish soon. “Our biggest goal is to organize an Earth Day event, a really big city-wide one, and maybe connect with the city of Malden for that. We plan to make it an annual recurring event. This has always been one of our club's major goals,” said Vice President Angelina Feng. 

Secretary of the club, Sarah Machado, mentioned that they hope to find more ways to do fundraising since they have only been successful in two areas. They found bake sales to be beneficial in generating funds as many other student organizations have.

Another success for the club has been recruiting new members which has helped the club grow. “This year the biggest difference is that we have more members. Last year it was mainly just five of us, but this year we were able to recruit a lot of freshmen at the club fair and get more members. So I think that also made it easier for us to organize more events,” said Hussain. 

Machado added that the more people they can get involved in the club the better, “that way the club can continue to grow because then they can become officers and we can continue this,” after the officers graduate.

SDG club officers and members setting for their bakesale. Photo submitted by Saia Hussain.

Hussain and Feng are responsible for founding this club. They both previously went to Linden STEAM Academy for middle school and shared how that led to them creating the club.

Hussain said, “the whole process of even making this club was actually influenced by both me and Angelina in the 7th grade. Our 7th grade science teacher actually had the same club back at our old middle school and we decided to bring it here. So I think that just being able to hear about it from a very young age really influenced us to have that drive and motivation we needed to create the club at MHS as well as organize all of these events.”

Although the SDG Club has not been around for long, they have already made a great impact, and have a promising future ahead of them.

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