Lucy Hale—the infamous actress who starred in many movies and TV shows such as Truth or Dare, Inside Man, and Pretty Little Liars—came together with Grant Gustin, star of The Flash, Rescued by Ruby, and Operation Blue Eyes to make a hit movie called Puppy Love filmed and directed by Nick Fabiano and Richard Alan Reid, which was released August 18th, 2023.

Grant Gustin has shown his love for puppies, having played a dog owner in past films and actually owning three dogs named Jett, Nora, and Rooki. Lucy Hale also owns two dogs named Elvis and Ethel, which made both Grant and Hale the perfect candidates to play the roles of Max and Nicole, the two main characters in this story. Max and Nicole find themselves in a predicament after their first date goes terribly wrong. Then Nicole’s dog, Channing Tatum, accidentally gets Max’s dog, Chloe, pregnant, and the two dog owners are forced into each other's lives in this doggie romantic comedy. With Chloe pregnant, Max and Nicole get closer and slowly fall for each other.

Puppy Love Movie Poster. Poster taken from Amazon FreeVee website.

Max is a kind but awkward individual who suffers from social anxiety; but after meeting and adopting Chloe to help with that uneasiness, the anxiety in his life slowly went away. Nicole is shown to be a funny, kind, caring and outgoing character. With these sympathetic qualities, she had taken in Channing Tatum, who was a stray dog into her own home. 

Throughout this film, there is amazing cinematography and the audience can find themselves laughing at some moments and sad during others. The movie shows how dog owners should care for their pets and love them unconditionally.

Fans look forward to seeing what these talented actors have in store for us in the future. The final season of The Flash aired May 24th, 2023 and since then, Gustin showed the ability to expand his range and act in a variety of films and movies. I would rate this movie a solid 9/10. This movie keeps you interested with its comedy and amazing acting. I recommend this movie to those who love a good rom-com and to dog lovers all around the world.

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