A Return to the Writers’ Den

The Writers’ Den at Malden High School has provided students with an inviting space for collaborative and creative writing since its implementation more than seven years ago. In this student-led program, students can share their passion for writing with peers along with furthering their skills to become better writers.

With one of last year’s advisors, Isaac Wilde, graduating from Tufts University, the position opened up to a new leader, and Jonathan Ramirez has stepped up to the plate. The program was originally founded in 2016 by current co-advisor Yahaira Marquez and previous advisor Sean Walsh. Walsh taught at Malden High School as an English teacher and was Head of Theater for 13 years, but is no longer working at Malden High.

 “The Writers’ Den is a space at the school that is dedicated to providing an area that fosters students’ creativity and their writing skills, whether it’s creative writing or academic writing,” Marquez explained  years prior for a previous article of The Blue and Gold detailing the Writers’ Den. Ramirez agreed with this sentiment, commenting, “I want to learn from the students; I want their voices to be heard and seen in this room.”

To do this, Ramirez already has plans for the space: “I’m offering an Open Mic Poetry on December 13th and January 10th for the Joy Block sessions.” He further detailed that his plans include “bringing in different forms of writing to students to experiment with,” which Ramirez noted is the aspect he is most excited about. 

Ramirez, a Tufts student like incumbent Wilde, heard about the program via his major advisor at Tufts, who helped him decide that this job would be “the perfect place to be in.” Ramirez detailed that he is “interested in working with high school students and in teaching English and writing. As the Writers’ Den intern, I get to do both, while also continuing my own studies.”

Both for his internship and personal experience, Ramirez furthered that he is “looking forward to learning what it’s like to work at a school, as well as learning what it takes to build a community of writers who feel passionate about their work.” 

“In the past, I have worked with high school seniors, teaching them about college and the obstacles/opportunities that come with that,” Ramirez addressed. “I worked primarily with students who were first-generation, low-income, or folks who were undocumented.” Although the experience is not exactly the same as it will be at Malden High, “doing this job helped give back to the community,” Ramirez proclaimed. He continued, “It’s also given me the tools I can use here at Malden, as the Writers’ Den intern: communicating with younger folks, staying organized, and on top of an ever-growing task list.”

Ramirez is excited to meet any aspiring authors or writers at Malden High, or any students who may want some help with anything writing-related. The Writers’ Den is located in the back right corner of the Malden High Library and has times available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. On Mondays, the Den is open 9am until 12pm, as well as 1pm until 2:30pm. On Wednesdays the room stays open 9am to 2:30pm, and on Fridays the room is open 10am to 1pm. For more information about the Writers’ Den, any questions can be directed to Ramirez at joramirez@maldenps.org, or at the Writers’ Den during any of the above times.

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