Captain Ezecheil "Zeke" Noelsaint posing for a photo. MERIAM BOUCHTOUT

As the season begins, another great captain comes along to bring passion and spirit into the hallways of Malden High School. Captain Ezechiel “Zeke” Noelsaint is a senior who is prepared to lead the Boys’ Basketball Team to victory this year.

Noelsaint has always felt a passion towards playing sports and has always felt that it was something natural for him. “Sports always run in my family, my brother played baseball, basketball, football, all of that you know. And it just kinda stuck,” said Noelsaint. He went on to express that “it’s like a brotherhood, like, you can have people you’ve never met before and become brothers.”

When it comes to considering his future Noelsaint is excited to possibly pursue Basketball. “I’ll just try to pursue it as far as I can at least,” expressed Noelsaint.

“He’s my guy,” said Senior Yandel Huynh, a teammate and friend of captain Noelsaint. “He’s a great role model, a great provider, he gets everyone hyped up on practice, he’s very respectful, you know,” continued Huynh.

(Left) Senior Captain Ezechiel "Zeke" Noelsaint shoots the ball. (Right) Noelsaint preparing to shoot a basket. RYAN COGGSWELL (Photos from the 2022-2023 Sports Season.)

Noelsaint wears the number 22 and bears the responsibility of being captain with grace. “He’s amazing, he's always leading us on and off school, he’s always making sure our work is done, he’s always supporting us, you know what I mean? He is always making sure we execute,” expressed Huynh.

“He’s very respectful, always making sure everyone’s on track, you know? He’s the guy you can count on,” said Junior Earl Fevrier, a player on the boys’ basketball team. Fevrier went on to add that, “his leadership skills are perfect, always leading everybody to the right path.”

Though the season has just begun, one thing can be said for certain: Noelsaint has made an impact on Malden High School both on and off the court.

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