Angelina Colon: This Year’s Girls’ Basketball Team Captain

With the Girls’ Basketball season starting up again, a crucial person to give recognition to is senior Angelina Colon. Beyond her skill on the court, she plays a significant role in her team’s success due to her role as team captain.

She’s extremely respected for her exceptional skills and relentless work ethic; she not only raises the bar for performance but also inspires her teammates. With ambitious goals for the team's success, Colon’s unwavering commitment serves as a driving force behind the collective pursuit of excellence.

Colon began playing basketball in her freshman year at Malden High School. From that point on, she was dedicated to working with the team, before becoming team captain in her junior year.

When it came to choosing who to have as captain, head coach Scott Marino expressed that “I look for leadership qualities; meaning, are they respectful to other kids and respected by their peers and can they handle the pressure of being a captain?”

(Left) Senior Captain Angelina Colon prepares to make a pass. (Right) Colon dribbling past a player from the opposing team. SHUYI CHEN 

One of Colon’s notable leadership qualities is being able to maintain a good environment through her communication skills, especially during conflicts. Being team captain, she ensures a clear and open dialogue with all her fellow teammates. She tries to make sure there’s also an atmosphere where everyone feels heard and understood.

In moments of struggle and when players feel off in their performance, Colon goes beyond addressing conflicts. “She gives us hope and gives us helpful affirmations to keep going and making sure we do better,” said sophomore Olivia Rodrigues. Colon’s supportive approach fosters a positive atmosphere where teammates feel motivated to overcome obstacles, contributing not only to individual growth but also strengthening the overall team dynamic.

Even being under pressure, Colon remains dedicated to her commitment to the team's success. Despite the challenges, she continues to set ambitious goals. “I really believe that we can win the GBL title this year,” said Colon. Her vision extends beyond merely succeeding; she envisions this season as the team's best yet, instilling motivation that inspires each member to strive for excellence on the court.

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